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Whats Wrong??? Empty Whats Wrong???

Post  Rita Tenhover on Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:58 pm

Hey Ladies!! Whats wrong with us???? We have gotten away from our use of our message board just like we get away from everything else we seem to start!!! We are all guilty of this!!! I know because i checked dates of last messages left at the sites... I liked this alot but when i was sick i got away from checking, posting, etc & have yet to push myself to start posting again. SHAME ON US!!!! Kyle has spent a lot of her time to set this up for us and to post things of interest for us to read & respond to.... SO we all need to get with it and post, read, post, read.... Me included..... Sorry Kyle and others i really didnt mean to SLACK Off SO BAD!!!!!!!! Rita

Rita Tenhover

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Whats Wrong??? Empty Re: Whats Wrong???

Post  bev on Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:56 pm

Right now my hard drive on the computer is fried and I can only get on when my husband brings home his labtop from work. So as soon as I get my computer working I want to take advantage of all means to help me be successful in Topps. Thanks Rita for your encouraging us to get busy. I am sure Kyle appreciates it too. She is always so faithful to keep us motivated and we do need to get busy ourselves. See you Monday night.


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