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Post  Kyle on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:59 am

From Denise Austin:

Want to know a secret about how you can look better instantly? It's simple: Straighten up your posture! Proper posture truly does affect the way you look and feel. Unfortunately, many of us walk with less-than-upright posture, and it's even worse when we sit. Ever find yourself hunched over your computer at work? Yep, most of us do! It's a matter of training your body to sit or stand up nice and tall.

First, assess your current posture; then make improvements. Imagine balancing your head squarely over your shoulders; realign your shoulders so they are neither in front of your chest nor behind it. By perking up your posture, you'll dramatically improve your appearance and look pounds lighter — and you'll feel more confident too. Focus on how amazing your body feels, and try to make your body memorize the position.

After a few weeks, your new posture will become a habit. All it takes is a few seconds, so try it now! You'll feel self-assured and look your slimmest — one step closer to being the best YOU you can be!

Live, Love, Laugh!

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