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Post  Kyle on Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:18 am

The word of the week is.... AWESOME!

What a grand week! You ladies are totally AWESOME! Just think... in the month of December with all the Christmas parties and such, we managed to lose 19 pounds this week! Totally AWESOME! I'm SO impressed with the effort you all put in last week. We are on a roll for a strong finish! Come on... let's lose more this week! We can do it... I believe in you guys!!!!!

Congrats to the WOW... Erin! Fantastic job! You are doing an awesome job!

Those still in the running for free dues in January are: Ann, Jean D, Kyle, Janet, Kathy, and Erin. One more week in this month.... but you have to be weighed in and have a loss. It would be awesome to give away 6 free dues in Dec! Focus and make it happen!

Thanks all who were responsible for the awesome Christmas dinner! And those waiters were really good this year. I finished my dinner today and now I'm going to really work hard taking off all those yummy calories!

Since we didn't have a meeting Monday, be ready to give me your walking miles for both weeks. Just combine the numbers. Do those 45 minute days and rack up the bonus miles. I suspect Connie will reach Orlando this Monday.

Bingo is coming Monday. Bring a new wrapped present to share. Please don't spend more than $5 on the giftie.

Also, if you have any white elephants and would like to get rid of them, just wrap them up and put them in the WOW bag for the wee gifties for Losers of the Week.

This is the last weigh in of the year... let's go out with a bang! Work hard and just maybe you'll make your 10 pound loss for the year.

You ladies were SO totally awesome last week..... let's do it again!

Live, Love, Laugh!

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