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Post  Kyle on Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:10 pm

Ok... this will be cross-posted.... on the Message Board and also emailed, just so everyone gets it BUT... some things will only be on the MB because there is a specific place for it (such as Walking Miles and Shout-outs and programs and such)

Congrats to our WOW... Woman of the Week, Kathy! Well done!!!! You are back on focus and doing really well. Keep up the good work!

If you are going outside this week, bundle up! It is wicked cold out there!

I was SO impressed with how great you all did this past week. Those that gained kept it to a minimum... and those that lost... wow! I expected us to do well the second week of the year, but you guys were awesome! Now, the trick is to also do well the THIRD week of the year.... so let's all focus on this week and come in with a loss. I'll be happy with a 1/4 pound loss for all of us! Just stay focused, drink that water, walk in the Mall or on your dreadmill, lift some weights, and watch what goes in your mouth. Just ask yourself if what you are doing will get you closer to your goal. I expect us to have four KOPS by the end of the year and I want YOU to be one of them!

Flower Power starts next week.... we sign up Monday and put our flowers in the pot.

New contest started Monday... New Year's Baby turning to New Year's Babes. Kathy will send out the details (I was up weighing people so I didn't hear them) but I know I want to be a babe!

Bev... GREAT program! Thanks! I've been thinking about it since Monday.

I'm going to SRD in April in Columbus... anyone else going? I'm changing MY attitude ... I'm going there to get inspired! I figure that by April, I'll need the extra inspiration to get me through a couple more months. SO, anyone else coming? I'm going to wait until next Tuesday to make my hotel reservation.

Have a GREAT week.... and, as the TOPS magazine said this month, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

Live, Love, Laugh!

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