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Jan 20-26, 2009 Empty Jan 20-26, 2009

Post  Kyle on Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:44 pm

Wasn't it gorgeous outside today! I hope everyone got a taste of the fresh air and sunshine cause it is going to get cold again this weekend Sad

Congrats to our WOW, Kathy! This makes two weeks in a row! Kathy, you are sure on a roll!

Well done, ladies, for another week of double digit losses! Keep your goals in mind this week, I want to see three weeks in a row of fantastic work!

Flower Power starts this week. We have 17 ladies signed up thus far. If you were not at the meeting and you want to join, tell me BEFORE you weigh in.

New Year Baby to New Year Babe contest is in full gear. How many of us will be able to rip off another strip to reveal our new looks?

Rita has the program this week. Next week is Awards Night. Lots of awards to be given out this month!

Kathy, that was a wonderful program! I kept my wrapping paper and it is taped on the bottom of my dreadmill. The bottom? Yes, when my dreadmill is up and not in use, it reminds me that losing weight gives me the gift of desire to exercise. Thus far this week my dreadmill has been down and in use! I'm going to rack up those 45 minute days this week, for a change!

Be sure to come to the meeting with your miles, number of 45 minute days, and if you exercised 5 or more days this week.

SRD is in Columbus, April 18 (Sat) and probably Sunday too. I'm going to stay up there the night of the 17th (Friday night). Anyone going to join me? Let me know ASAP so we can get rooms together.

Monday is the last weigh-in of the month. I need to know who is getting the monthly awards... and I want us ALL to do well and end the month on a high note. Let's work real hard this weekend.

And remember to let an officer know if you will not be at the meeting. You can lose a Division Award for having too many ABs.

Back to the dreadmill for me! I bound and determined to get back into my bluejeans!

Live, Love, Laugh!

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