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Jan 27-Feb2, 2009 Empty Jan 27-Feb2, 2009

Post  Kyle on Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:44 am

Happy snow day, Ladies!

What a wonderful month we had! We all did SO well.... I'm so proud of you!

This Monday is a very important meeting... Awards night! Yeah, we get some of our kooky awards... some are fun, some are serious. But we also get to revisit our resolutions and/or goals and to recommit ourselves to getting fit!

Are you contacting your TOPS buddy? Let's SUPPORT each other!

Congrats to Rita for being our WOW! Well done, Rita!

And thank you, Rita, for a wonderful program on SUPPORT. Just a thought here, but for the last two weeks, the program giver has also been the WOW. Coincidence?

Programs for February....
Feb 2: Awards Night
Feb 9: Vicky
Feb 16: No Meeting, Presidents' Day
Feb 23: Anita

To be eligible for free dues for March, you have to come to each meeting and have a loss (one turtle allowed). Let's all strive for free dues!

Birthdays are listed on the Message Board

Miles will be listed on the Message Board

Remember... if Lakota schools are canceled on a Monday, so is TOPS. If that happens, we will try to email and/or call everyone but if you have a question, do not hesitate to call Anita, Harriet, Kathy or myself.

IF you cannot make it to a meeting, PLEASE let one of the officers know. I hate marking people AB instead of EX.

We have TWO people getting their 6 weeks of losing charms this Monday! Be there to see who gets it.

Flower Power is going strong! This will be the week where people will drop out, I think. I'm going to work extra hard to make sure I'm not dropping!

New Year's Baby to New Year's Babe contest has three more weeks to go. I can't wait to be a babe! Whooooo hoooooo!!!!!

Remember to bring your miles with you to meeting. If you didn't bring them last week and want credit for the Awards, email your numbers to me. I know you all want my nifty ribbons Smile

Have a GREAT week and stay focused! This is the week where we start to give up. DON'T! I want more great losses like we've been having. We had less than 5 pounds total gain last week! Well done! Those who did gain mitigated their damages and came in with really low gains. Altogether, less than 5 pounds. That amazes me! And we have had double digit net losses each week this year.... double digit NET losses! Again... amazing! Let's keep it going!!!!!

When in doubt, walk! Walk around your house. Walk up and down your stairs. Walk down the street and back. Walk to my house and take my dogs out. Just WALK!

Live, Love, Laugh!

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