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Post  Kyle on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:37 pm

Hello Ladies!

Another fantastic week in the books! You all are AWESOME! You inspire me!

Congrats to our WOW... Harriet! You are doing SO well!

And Congrats to our TWO WOMs!!!!! Harriet and Kathy! Well done! You both are great examples for us!

Whew... did we have a LOT of awards or what!?!?! Along with the ribbons for walking, certificates for attendance, certificates and gifties for monthly losses, we also had TWO members who earned '6-weeks of no gains' charms! That is SO hard to get and both Harriet and Erin did it! Way to go!

We lost 58 pounds in January.... that is half a skinny person! Let's lose the other half in February!

Remember the goals we made in January. We did revisit them last week so they should be fresh in our minds. What are YOU going to do this week to get closer to your goal? Make a plan and stick to it. The key is to plan ahead. You wouldn't build a house without a plan, would you? Well, you are building your NEW house right now, reconfiguring your body. Plan what you have to do to eat correctly, exercise, drink right and rest to make the best body you can. PLAN AHEAD!

We are in February now an these people have all black writing on their yearly sheets thus far.... no red! ... wow!!! They are: Joyce, Lillian, Ann, Harriet, Mary Lou, Kyle, Janet, Marcia, Kathy, Bev, and Erin! Now there are EXs on the sheets, but no RED marks! That means the above people have not had to hear the wrath of Kyle in the weight room Smile They have, thus far, not had a gain! I want to see how long we can go with at least one person not having RED on their chart.

Flower Power is going strong. There is $17 in the pot to win! Remember, even if you are out, you can still win a portion of the pot by being the biggest loser.

Two more weeks for New Year's Babe contest. Two more weeks to tear off part of the Baby.

February programs:
Feb 9: Vicky
Feb 16: no meeting (Presidents' Day)
Feb 17: Weigh In only
Feb 23: Anita

Happy Birthday to our February Baby, Jody (Feb 10). She is the only one on my list with a Feb birthday!

Elections are coming up. Remember, you only get as much out of something as the effort you put into it. Have YOU put your effort/time into TOPS and making THIS Chapter the best? Please nominate yourself for an office! We really do need you... and there are MANY people here to help you.... and yes, I'm talking to YOU! Smile

From my 201 Book of Thoughts: Say nice things to yourself and recognize your strengths.

Have a GREAT week.... and stay focused! Make the next weigh in the best ever!!!!

Kyle Smile

Live, Love, Laugh!

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