How Do You Plan to Survive The Holidays?

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How Do You Plan to Survive The Holidays? Empty How Do You Plan to Survive The Holidays?

Post  Jean D. on Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:45 pm

Well, I just thought I'd put another thought provoking subject out there and see if anyone answers.

Have you thought about how you plan to survive the holidays or will you just "go with the flow" and "whatever will be will be"? I think that is how I've looked at it for a very long time and actually I'm really tired of weighing what I do and carrying all of this excess baggage around.

Have you ever picked up a 10# bag or flour or sugar and carried it to the kitchen after you've come home from the grocery? Better yet, how about carrying two of those bags around maybe for an hour and see if your arms get heavy. Is it harder to walk with those two bags of dead weight that you are carrying around? I know it is for me. I pick them up and in no time, my arms are tired, it slows me down and I can't wait to put those bags down to get some relief.

Then, I think about those extra 20# and how they slow me down, then think, " Well if I could just lose 20#" how much better I would feel. I wouldn't be so tired of carrying this extra weight around and I carry it for days, months and I'm afraid to say I've been carrying it around for years. Years, I say!!! When will I learn?

So back to my subject. I will try to survive the holidays by continuning to fill out my food plan on a daily basis and exercise everyday. No excuses and that is hard on the days I work. That means I don't get to the gym until I get off work and by then I am tired and don't feel like going. So I must set the car on autodrive and hope it knows how to get to the gym.

I have a problem when I eat out. Somehow in my little brain, I think I can eat anything I want and it won't count because I just don't eat out very often. So I can order anything off the menu and not worry, because "I'm worth it".

Well, last night after the meeting, I came home and got on the web and printed off the Champs Menu so I could look at it ahead of time and see what the best choices are for me. Yes, there are a lot of items on the menu I love, but realistically a lot of them are covered in butter and sauces that I know are not good for my body, no matter what I tell myself. So maybe between now and next week, I can make a good decision to order something that I like and is somewhat healthy for me.

Lastly, I have to remember, just like Thanksgiving was only oneThursday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are only two days out of the whole month of December. So if I go out to party, I have to keep things in perspective. If I overeat, my dear body will let me know and it will show up whether I want it to or not.

Well, that is all of the thinking I can do for one day, so let me know what you think and

How Do You Plan to Survive the Holidays?????????

Jean D clown

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