SRD, April 16-18, 2009

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SRD, April 16-18, 2009 Empty SRD, April 16-18, 2009

Post  Kyle on Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:17 pm

Here is the skinny on SRD.... let me know if you are interested.

Apparently, it will be from Thursday to Saturday, with the main stuff on Friday and Saturday.

Schedule of Events
6:30 PM - 8 PM ~ Early Registration.
7 PN - 9 PM ~ Game Night pool side. 'Are You Smarter Than A Weight Watcher?'

6:30 AM ~ Water Aerobics at the indoor pool
7 AM - 8 AM ~ Indoor walk with Leslie Sansone video.
8 AM - 7 PM ~ Registration (closed briefly at lunch and dinner time)
9 AM - 9:50 AM ~ Ron Azzu (Past Intern'tl King) Road to KOPS
10 AM - 11:50 AM ~ RD Ruth Gielow

11:50 AM - 1 PM ~ KOPS Luncheon
1 PM - 1:50 PM ~ Commitment
2 PM - 2:50 PM ~ Is your Chapter in a rut
3 PM - 3:50 PM ~ Officers workshop
4 PM - 4:50 PM ~ Ron Azzu - Life as a KOPS

First Session: 7 PM ~ Fun and entertainment. Baggy fashion, hat contest, basket raffle.

Session Two: 8:15 AM ~ Doors open
8:30 AM ~ TOPS songs
9 AM ~ Program. Century Club, State Division Winners, Chapter and State Royalty, Graduates, KOPS recognition, Circle of Light.

That's it....

I want to go to the Commitment and Is Your Chapter in a Rut workshops. The others I can pass... or go.... whichever.

I'm staying just Friday night. I suspect I'll be home in time to go out for dinner Saturday. (notice I didn't say COOK dinner) Smile

I am going with the attitude that this will help me achieve my goal for the year.... I WILL be inspired. I'm talking myself into a positive attitude as I type Smile

Deadline for registration ($25) is 3/14. After that it is $30.

Ramada Hotel is the place to be. Rooms are $84 per night (plus tax) for single, double or quad. Deadline for the special rate is 3/25

You may preorder charms, pinettes and a special designed T-shirt.

There will be a Spring Garden Basket Raffle. They are asking for each Chapter to make (and donate) a basket (minimum value, $20) to be raffled off. The money will go to help defray SRD costs.

There IS a dress code!
Friday: Casual (No jeans please)
Saturday: Anyone participating in any of today's events must follow the dress code or they will not be allowed to participate. Females: Floor length or street length dress, palazzo pants that have an overlay panel (No split skirts, skorts, or jean type attire) .... <~ That is a direct quote from the SRD committee. I'm taking it that if you go onstage you must wear a dress. If you are just sitting in the audience, which I will be, I can get away with black slacks! That's MY read on it.

Contests or special events:
Baggie Fashion: Any TOPS member who has lost and maintained a minimum of 50 pounds or more may participate. Bring a fashion item worn prior to this weight loss. Must be pre-registered
Hat Contest: Any TOPS member can create a fashionable hat and enter this contest

The theme of SRD is "A New Beginning" for Ohio.

It is a new beginning for ME.... how about YOU?

Live, Love, Laugh!

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